COVID-19 has affected all of us, some more than others. One thing that is common with everyone, quarantine. Cobble, an app founded by Jordan Scott is here to cure that quarantine fish bowl feeling. Jordan says, "Stuff doesn't go to plan. Quarantine or not. We have to be able to adapt. In

"The most successful entrepreneurs I know are optimistic. It is just a part of the job description." - Caterina Fake, Founder, Flickr With the uncertainty during the pandemic, there have been changes in your attitude, work ethic and feelings. Now is the time to rise up, create, innovate and be optimistic.    

Today we recognize the resilience and grit of women that served our country. From nurses going to the battleground to aid in the well-being of our soldiers to women enlisting in active military duty, we have come along way. Today we remember Deborah Sampson and Cathay Williams, who disguised themselves as

Working from home has been an adjustment for many, and then there are those that are working from home with kids. From homeschooling to interrupted ZOOM calls, many women business owners have climbed aboard a complex rollercoaster that adds challenges to those of being your own boss. Here are 5

Many women-owned businesses are getting hit by COVID-19 and are not able to get the funding needed to keep their businesses alive. The Paycheck Protection Program funds were unavailable to many and that is when Bumble, a women founded online dating app that allows the women to "make the first

Etsy shop owners and handcrafters have seen a huge opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic and are creating thousands of homemade non-medical cloth face masks. According to Market Place Plus, Etsy’s sales are up 98 percent year-over-year. SunnySlope Design, an Etsy shop owned by Jennifer Golubiewski has sold about 400 masks to

Business strategy is important – now more than ever. Our methods of work have drastically changed, forcing us to work remotely and interact in ways we have not done before. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Hangouts are the new conference rooms. Many businesses are feeling the effects of COVID-19. Normal

In these unchartered times of quarantine, entrepreneurship may seem harder than ever. Spanx CEO and Founder, Sara Blakely, is teaming up with GlobalGiving to create the Red Backpack Fund. This will give 1,000 female entrepreneurs $5,000 in funding -- the same amount Sara had when she started her now very

sheBOOMer: Jane Ubell-Meyer Her company: Bedside Reading places books by the bedsides of luxury and lifestyle hotels. The first of its kind, the program is complimentary to

Running your own business is no small feat. Here are some traits that successful women entrepreneurs have in common. #1 Have Confidence: Believe in yourself and

FACT: >70% of women don’t have easy access to affordable, feminine hygiene products. These women created a solution.   The story behind the fact: Gaby Alves and

Shannon Ronan and Breelyn MacDonald, co-founders of Two Chicks Beef Jerky, created an all-natural version of an all-time favorite guilty pleasure, beef jerky. Meat snacks