Who I am: Kelly Floropoulos, president of Amiantos Environmental My company: Amiantos Environmental is an environmental testing and consulting firm. In a nutshell, we assess air, soil, water, building materials for hazardous materials.  www.amiantosenvironmental.com What I’m grateful for: From the people on my team to our clients and vendors, I get to work and interact with some

Who I am: Jen Portland, CEO of Excel Rain Man. My company: Excel Rain Man provides spreadsheet outsourcing and analytics with a focus on automation.  www.ExcelRainMan.com What I’m grateful for: I feel so fortunate that we get to create slick spreadsheet solutions for varying businesses and industries so they can focus on what they do best! How gratitude

Who I am: Kelly Montoya, Founder and CEO of the Little Sous. My company: Little Sous turns kitchens into places where families connect and children become creative, confident cooks.  mylittlesous.com What I’m grateful for: I am grateful that excelling at my job means that in practice, I get to spend more quality time with my

Who I am: Lily Tollefsen, Owner and Operator of Radar My company: Portland restaurant Radar serves exceptional Mid-Atlantic and American bistro cuisine using responsibly sourced ingredients. www.radarpdx.com What I’m grateful for: My crew at Radar and my husband/business partner. I am continuously grateful to work alongside such dedicated and positive people. How gratitude helps my business: We are

It's time to change that attitude. Being positive and letting go of self blame is hard work, but it's the best long-term investment you can make,

For those that don' know, Galentine's Day is a "holiday" created by the television Parks and Recreation, and it falls on February 13th. Leslie Knope,

Valentines Day is a few short days away and love is in the air. So is commerce. Close to $20 billion is spent on that day of

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