Who I am: Sarah Morgan, Founder & CEO My company: Buddies In My Belly is a health education company that provides tools to achieve healthier lives. Buddies In My Belly is on a mission to encourage healthy eating and living for the whole family. buddiesinmybelly.com The role of motherhood in my business: Motherhood was my biggest inspiration to

Who I am: Nirupama Mallavarupu, CEO, CTO & Co-Founder My company: MobileArq provides a fundraising and communication software for parent organizations in K-12 schools and an app for parents that gives them their school at their fingertips! mobilearq.com The role of motherhood in my business: Motherhood is what inspired and drove me to start this business.

Who I am: Sandy Dorsainvil, CEO & Founder My company: Maximillian Consultants Inc., a consultancy that aims to preserve the cultural identity and native culture of all Americans while embracing their contributions to the American fabric. With curated programs, Maximillian Consultants examines how community landscapes, cultural heritage, wellbeing, and civic engagement can close urban–cultural gaps

Meet Dr. Colleen Mullen. Her high-stress career makes self-care a necesssity! Dr. Colleen Mullen is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has been in the field 17 years and self-employed for 11 years. She also heads a team of 5 clinicians, hosts 2 psychology-related podcasts, and writes a relationship column for The B

Meet Jamie Allison Sanders, a beauty blogger with 3 tips for entrepreneurial success! Jamie Allison Sanders created a beauty blog, The Beauty of Life in 2007. From dressing up her Barbies, to dabbling in stage makeup, to her endless collection of nail polish, candles, and more, she has always been passionate about beauty. Jamie

I just became a grandmother for the second time and my own mother will be 92 in July. Mothering (and sometimes grandmothering) and daughtering is part of our lives. That can be in addition to launching, running, and scaling a business. Those of us who do it (including those who are the

Delegating tasks, spending time with family, hobbies, exercise, competition, and taking the time to unplug: how entrepreneurs stay sane. Read more, here. SheBOOMers, do you have a self-care tip for entrepreneurs? Share it here to be featured this April!


Carrie Kerpen does it all, but never at the expense of her health. When we first featured Kerpen in 2015, we were struck by just how

It's time to change that attitude. Being positive and letting go of self blame is hard work, but it's the best long-term investment you can make,

For those that don' know, Galentine's Day is a "holiday" created by the television Parks and Recreation, and it falls on February 13th. Leslie Knope,

Valentines Day is a few short days away and love is in the air. So is commerce. Close to $20 billion is spent on that day of