Who I am: Shira Berk, founder and CEO of Goodie Girl Cookies. My company: Goodie Girl Cookies is a line of gluten-free cookies sold online and in stores. goodiegirlcookies.com My fear: Starting my business! How I overcame it: I overcame my fear by starting my own business. I was in marketing before being dared to create a gluten-free cookie,

Who I am: Judith Jacques, founder of blackwomeninmedia.com. My company: My company provides platforms to highlight prominent figures in the Black community. blackwomeninmedia.com. My fear: Stepping out on faith and creating a brand and business with no financial backing was my greatest fear! How I overcame it: Now I'm making deals and partnerships to make my

Who I am: Erica Sandberg, Financial Expert My company: I am a consumer finance reporter and the host of Adventures with Money. http://www.ericasandberg.com/ My fear: Getting lost in the crowd. I come from a family of 9, so had to scream my way into getting noticed. How I overcame it: I jumped in and started believing in

Who I am: Holly Daniels Christensen, founder and CEO of Dune Jewelry. My company: Dune Jewelry is experiential jewelry. https://dunejewelry.com/ My fear: My biggest fear was that my lack of a formal education would limit my success! How I overcame it: Fortunately I pushed forward, secured a mentor, continued to educate myself independently and am growing my company. What happened next: I grew Dune

It's time to change that attitude. Being positive and letting go of self blame is hard work, but it's the best long-term investment you can make,

For those that don' know, Galentine's Day is a "holiday" created by the television Parks and Recreation, and it falls on February 13th. Leslie Knope,

Valentines Day is a few short days away and love is in the air. So is commerce. Close to $20 billion is spent on that day of

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