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FACT: >70% of women don’t have easy access to affordable, feminine hygiene products. These women created a solution.   The story behind the fact: Gaby Alves and Jennifer Eden created Tampon Tribe to give women easy access to affordable, organic cotton feminine hygiene products. These two savvy and energetic women are passionate

The new arena for business is changing fast and it is an exciting time for women. Collaboration and diversity rule. We're speaking up and crushing barriers and the number of women leading business ventures has increased dramatically in recent years. Now 42% of businesses in the United States are owned by

Fact: There are over 9 million women-owned companies in the United States What should you do? Find a support group (sheBOOM)! The number of women-owned companies is continuing to increase and it is more important than ever to support your fellow female founders. Spread your wisdom and together we can create a strong

Fact: Less than 10% of venture capital from 2009-2015 went to female-owned companies. What Should You Do? Explore your options! Even though 10% is an extremely low number, there are still a lot of ways you can find funding. Here are 50 ways sheBOOMers can fund their business.  

Finding reliable resources for women entrepreneurs can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, Mashable compiled a list of 10 resources including radio shows, funds, and entrepreneurship centers to help out sheBOOMers!  

Tory Burch, successful fashion designer and entrepreneur, understands the difficulty of starting your own business, especially as a woman. She used her knowledge and passion to create the Tory Burch Foundation which is all about empowering female entrepreneurs! Through this foundation, she mentors other women who are following their dreams and provides

Ericka Perry is not only a sheBOOMer, but also a mother who created a product to bring smiles to other mothers around the world. Ericka is the founder of The Stork Bag, a pregnancy bag subscription service that brings gifts right to your doorstep! The sheBOOM community thanks Ericka Perry for

Shannon Ronan and Breelyn MacDonald, co-founders of Two Chicks Beef Jerky, created an all-natural version of an all-time favorite guilty pleasure, beef jerky. Meat snacks

A mother-daughter duo, Val and Breezy Griffith, started their company, Skinny Dipped Almonds, as a goal to spend more time together after the passing of a

Carrie Kerpen does it all, but never at the expense of her health. When we first featured Kerpen in 2015, we were struck by just how

It's time to change that attitude. Being positive and letting go of self blame is hard work, but it's the best long-term investment you can make,