Who we are: Scarlet Batchelor, founder and CEO of COEO Fitness. My company: We're a fitness network that recognizes that instructors are the powerful nucleus of the booming boutique fitness industry. www.coeofitness.com Our sports hero: Brandi Chastain. Because not only is she a 2-time olympic gold medalist, but in 1999 when she scored her penalty kick,

Who we are: Carly Elizabeth Beyar, Shannon Fay, and Alanna Locast, founders of SoccerGrlProbs. My company: We have made it our mission to support and encourage the well-being and positive self-image of young female athletes everywhere. We aim to inspire the idea of a strong, confident, positive female athlete who is comfortable in

I have sports on the brain. The approach of the Super Bowl and my company's work for a sports camp has me thinking about the connection between games on the field and fair play in the business world

Carrie Kerpen does it all, but never at the expense of her health. When we first featured Kerpen in 2015, we were struck by just how relatable she is—even though she is co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, one of the most prominent social media agencies in the industry. As an

Lisa Leslie, former WNBA player and actor, thinks beauty and strength are not mutually exclusive. Photo, Quote

97% of women in C-Suite positions reported playing sports as children . Business Insider reports that sports teach girls motivational skills, team building, and the ability to see projects through to completion. The leadership skills and competitive attitude taught through sports serve women well: 61% of the women surveyed credit some of their

Snapchat just rolled out its biggest update yet. What is the Update? Snapchat, a popular photo-sharing app, allows users to send friends disappearing photo messages and create 24-hour long "stories" that post to their profiles. We first featured the app in 2016, but Snapchat has a new look. The new Snapchat

Maya Angelou said it best! Whatever or whomever you love (whether it be family, friends, or the business you are building) let it guide you to hope. Happy Valentines Day SheBOOMERS! Photo, Quote

Seun Adigun, captain of the newly formed Nigerian Olympic Bobsled Team, is making history. No African nation has ever participated in the Olympic bobsledding event, and this year Nigeria is slated to be the first (Fortune). Adigun began her Olympic career in Track and Field, but quickly switched to bobsledding. After

Maddie Bowman, USA Olympic Freestyle Ski Team, describes the way athletes represent a diverse country. Photo, Quote

Just how far have women come since the start of the Olympic Games? The “2016 Women in the Olympic Movement Factsheet,” published by the International Olympic Committee contains some cool facts. The first women to participate in the Olympics did so in Paris in 1900. Only 22 of the 997

Lindsey Vonn, USA Olympic Alpine Ski Team Member, believes a woman's strength is beautiful. Photo, Quote

Carrie Kerpen does it all, but never at the expense of her health. When we first featured Kerpen in 2015, we were struck by just how

It's time to change that attitude. Being positive and letting go of self blame is hard work, but it's the best long-term investment you can make,

For those that don' know, Galentine's Day is a "holiday" created by the television Parks and Recreation, and it falls on February 13th. Leslie Knope,

Valentines Day is a few short days away and love is in the air. So is commerce. Close to $20 billion is spent on that day of