I've lived through 63 summers.  But none will be quite like this one. I am hustling harder than ever, am deeply disturbed by the environment of intolerance and hatred, and missing my kids and grandkids (who live across the country). But I try to wake up every morning with a smile. And

Adri Smith, Founder of Moss Floral, has a goal of expanding her business and adapted her floral shop to offer bouquets and arrangements during the pandemic. Because many weddings have been postponed or downsized, Moss Floral pivoted their floral packages to offer elopement packages for those wanting to get away and

Who do we have to thank for the luxury of an article constructed purely for our leisure beach pleasure? Or for the look of a suntan from laying out on the beach? Well, they go hand in hand. Well for the towel, we have the Turkish people to thank for that,

July 4th brings to mind the women who fought for our independence, created our national flag, wrote poetry to share history, and organized protests. These women are Betsy Ross, Deborah Sampson, Phillis Wheatley, and Penelope Barker. They fought brave and strong, persevered, and made a difference. Read more about how these women

Naomi Keren blends the worlds of fitness and technology with interactive home workout classes. She created Kemtai. Kemtai brings the gym to your home by using AI to provide technology-based personal training. The unique workout classes are lead by a personal trainer who provides real-time feedback on form and position. Have your

Summertime fun and ice cream go hand-in-hand. What is a sunny day favorite to many was not readily available to most people back in the 1800s. Nancy Johnson, a pioneer of fierce fun femmes of summer came and saved the day (and summer) by inventing the ice cream freezing machine. Summer fun

Whether you are still working from home, starting to go back into the office, or balancing both your life has definitely changed over the past few months. What part of your pre-COVID life are you keeping. What's changing? Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff describes her new normal here. Have your own story to

Sara Dahmen, the only female coppersmith in the United States, and owner of House Copper and Cookware created a modern twist on vintage cookware while shining through on a male- dominated field. A modern pioneer woman, Dahmen creates each handmade piece of cookware in her garage in Wisconsin inspired by the original

A normal weekend has 60 hours. You can have  60 hours for a weekend getaway, R&R time, growing your business, networking, or just trying to balance it all. Time is valuable. Here's the inside scoop on the tips and tricks that entrepreneurs implement during their weekend to have a work and

sheBOOMer: Jane Ubell-Meyer Her company: Bedside Reading places books by the bedsides of luxury and lifestyle hotels. The first of its kind, the program is complimentary to

Running your own business is no small feat. Here are some traits that successful women entrepreneurs have in common. #1 Have Confidence: Believe in yourself and

FACT: >70% of women don’t have easy access to affordable, feminine hygiene products. These women created a solution.   The story behind the fact: Gaby Alves and

Shannon Ronan and Breelyn MacDonald, co-founders of Two Chicks Beef Jerky, created an all-natural version of an all-time favorite guilty pleasure, beef jerky. Meat snacks