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The 11th Gift

The holidays may not always be jolly days for female founders.

I was speaking to a woman attorney who has her own firm. We were both in our offices at 6:30 on a Friday night and were talking about the deluge of work, as people try to wrap-up their projects before they close-out the year. A web designer across the hall was also talking about how stressed-out the company was this week.

I’m not telling this story to sound heroic (or pathetic), but for many of us holiday shopping, family events, travel planning add a level of responsibility and pressure that needs to be absorbed along with our business needs.

Rather than stressing myself out on a Saturday by coming up with creative ways to de-stress this holiday season, I found this awesome article from psychologist Sherrie Campbell. I couldn’t have possibly come up with a better list. She gives you “10 Gifts” for dealing with the holidays.

And my sharing it with you is #11. Unwrap it and enjoy the rest of your weekend!