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12 Slides For your Next Pitch Deck

Here are 12 simple slide ideas for your next investment meeting or pitch deck from CEO and Founder David Sym-Smith:

  1. Title Slide: Company Logo and Contact Information
  2. Problem and Opportunity: Where do you fit? What problem do you need to solve?
  3. The Value Proposition: How your product/service fits that need or solves that problem
  4. The Secret Sauce: Paint a picture of how it works, literally. Use graphics
  5. Market Opportunity: Describe the market size, define your customer base
  6. The Competition: Who are they? How are you better?
  7. Business Model: How will you open people’s wallets?
  8. Market Approach and Strategy: How are you powering the growth of your business?
  9. Team and Key Stakeholders: Your key players, investors, and advisors (and what they bring to the table)
  10. Financials: Break down your numbers- 5-year projections, burn rate, key metrics
  11. Traction: What have you accomplished so far?
  12. The Ask: Here’s the close- detail the investment. Provide a timeline, milestones, and how you will use the investor’s money.