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5 Halloween-Themed Creations from Brilliant Women

In the spirit of kicking off our Fear edition of SheBOOM, we rounded up 5 creations from brilliant women essential to the spirit of the Halloween season!


  1. Flat bottomed paper bag– Ok, so maybe not the most exciting invention, but still brilliant! Founded by Margaret E. Knight, the flat bottomed paper bag has become a staple for trick-or-treating and making those cute lanterns that light pathways on Halloween night!
  2. The Book of Halloween- Ruth Edna Kelly was the first to write a book about the history of Halloween in 1919. The book included traditions like spooky mirror games and superstitions.


  1. Fudge – Emelyn Battersby Hartridge introduced the treat to the American college scene at Vassar college in 1892 and soon after, it became a huge fad with female students churning the treat out by the ton.
  2. Sugarfina- The mastermind behind this unique candy company is Rosie O’Neill, who wanted to create a sophisticated and niche candy line suited for the taste of adults.


  1. Corn Mill- Invented by Sybilla Master in 1715, we have her to thank for delicious Halloween-themed food like cornbread!

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