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5 Ways Technology is Changing Your Business (and Your Life)

We all know that the world has evolved rapidly and dramatically over the past 10 years as a result of the integration of technology into all parts of our lives and businesses. Whether you’re a tech guru or feel as if you missed the boat, we can help you. Just take a deep breath and small steps toward your future.

Here are the top five trends to consider as you look to streamline and grow your own service business:

  1. Who’s Your Customer Today? Who Will She Be Tomorrow? The U.S. population has gone through some dramatic changes. Now, millennials represent more than one quarter of the population in the US, according to this Census.
  2. Moving with the Speed of Life. Because consumers now have fast access to trends through a variety of media (blogs, streaming video, Instagram), they are coming to you looking for the “next big thing.” That doesn’t mean you have to respond to every trend or celebrity style, but you need to be aware of what your customers might be looking for. For example, hair extensions have been featured on many popular reality shows and showcased on fashion websites. We profiled a woman-owned business that spotted that trend early on, saw an opportunity in the market, and seized it. Check out RPZL, as seen on TV.
  3. Join the Search Party. Every second (yes…that’s right…second!) 2.3 million Google searches occur. When people are looking for a salon, spa, or other personal service, they turn to a search engine to find it. Make sure your business is easy to find online! Of course, word-of-mouth will always always a great source of referrals. Did you know that 72% of people in this survey said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? It might be time to take a look at your Yelp page.
  4. We Live in a 24/7 On Demand World. People are now used to ordering everything they need online, at any hour of the day or night. This online shopping report reveals that over two thirds (69 percent) of US online adults shop online at least monthly, with 33 percent shopping online every week in 2015, up from 24 percent in 2014. How are you keeping up?
  5. Making Change…Without Change. Or course, cash continues to exist. But consumers are much more comfortable these days paying for goods and services with debit and credit cards or apps like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. Is your own equipment keeping pace with these new systems? To see some fun facts about the evolution of the cash register, click here.

Technology can also make you smarter and richer! How so?

  1. Just as consumers can search the web for information about anything they want and need, you as a business owner can keep on top of trends and what your competitors are doing. You can visit this site every week and ask questions of other service business owners through our Facebook and LinkedIn groups.
  2. You can use social media to reach and market to millions of people very cost-effectively. Simple technology can also give you incredible insight into who your customers are, how often they come to your business, and what services/products they want, so you can target them more creatively.
  3. By streamlining your business operations using technology, you can also save money on staff and training and give your customers ways to make appointments when your business is closed.

When you’re not working, technology can even help you streamline your personal life, stay organized, and relax! Happy Tech will showcase some cool new tools and techniques for creating work/life balance.