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A Giving Week (and Perhaps a Getting One Too!)

Happy Friday, sheBOOMers!

This week, we celebrated the 1-month birthday of sheBOOM. (Don’t worry…you didn’t miss cake!) We’re reaching about 10k viewers weekly and the fan e-mail and social media love is pouring in.

We’re proud to say that we’ve exceeded our 30-day goal and are still growing! Thank you all for your support! #GivingTuesday surpassed last year’s numbers too. It was a good week.

This past few days were very special to us, because we focused on the female founders and non-profit leaders who are all about GIVING (to those in need and to the environment), as opposed to just GETTING. Collaboration, mentoring, and giving our time and expertise are all part of sheBOOM’s mission. Women-owned businesses will only prosper if we support each other!

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Have a very happy Friday…and giving weekend! (Watch for tomorrow’s post on relaxation tips for the holidays and Sunday’s “fashion week” preview.)

P.S. Below are just a few of the highlights of this week’s topics — from a woman inventor to a fun and fabulous fundraiser!