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A Spotless Relationship: This Father/Daughter Team Cleans Up (Literally!)

Kristin Comly and her father are a dynamic daughter/dad business duo! For the past two years, Kristin has co-managed her father’s office cleaning business, located right outside of Philadelphia – JBC Cleaning, LLC. Kristin’s dad also owns a building and office maintenance business, servicing healthcare networks in the greater Philadelphia area.

Working together has made their company far more successful. It’s truly a family affair, because Kristin’s brother helps out too!

Kristin is opening her own Fitness Studio in Northeast Philly. It’s called Unalome Fitness, LLC. She says that her dad has guided her along the way with everything from the demolition and remodeling of the space, to business plans and ideas. Talk about an awesome father figure!

sheBOOM chatted with Kristin about what it’s like to work with her dad.

What prompted you to follow in your father’s footsteps?
I admire my dad’s work ethic and enthusiasm for work. I wanted to follow in his footsteps because I see how successful he is, and I want to follow that path of self-made success.

How do you two work as a team?
My dad’s motto is “choose your battles.” We use this motto in both our personal life and our business. We try not to argue about things in order to maintain a good personal and business relationship. I try to teach my dad that change is okay, and when he is hesitant, I show him how change can help our business in the long run.

Has working together ever presented any specific challenges?
Of course there are challenges! That’s what makes this exciting. I tend to call my dad ten times a day, maybe more. It is fun and exciting to be able to call your father to deal with business or just for fun. We deal with disagreements by venting to my mom.

What do you believe each of you brings to the business that’s different?
My dad brings stability, a good business mindset, and logic. I bring creativity, adventure, and up-to-date, but realistic, ideas.

How do you use technology and social media in your business?
My dad is pretty old school. He can use a smart phone, but only to answer calls and text. When I came on board, I created more e-mail addresses for the business and social media accounts. I use Facebook for the cleaning business. It is a great way to advertise and promote the businesses and easy to connect with other small and local business owners in our area.

What is your proudest moment?
My proudest moment is on the horizon… On June 18th, I will be opening my own Fitness Studio. Without my dad’s guidance, this opportunity would never have presented itself.

Any other advice for fathers and daughters who work together?
Don’t give up. Working with family can be very tough, and there are many emotions involved. But it turns out to be an amazing experience of growth and bonding, both professionally and – more importantly – personally.

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