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A Tough Cookie…and a Rare Funding Round

Denise Woodward, former Coca Cola executive and founder of Partake Foods, broke through the barrier for women of color to receive venture funding.

Woodward was inspired to create Partake foods after her daughter had an allergic reaction. Thus creating a cookie that doesn’t have the eight main allergies that kids are affected by today.

According to an article from Forbes, “We all know that the fundraising statistics for female entrepreneurs are dire. According to a 2018 study conducted by the Case Foundation, while women own 40% of U.S. businesses, they generate 4.3% of business revenues and they receive just 2.2% of tech venture funding. And for women of color? That figure is a paltry 0.0006% of tech venture funding. Yes, you read that correctly.”

Woodward had more “no” than “yes” when it came to funding until she found Marcy Venture Partners. Before that, she even sold an engagement ring to capitalize her business. Yet, she persevered.

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