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Act Like a Lady. Negotiate Like a Dude.

Question: How do negotiating styles differ between men and women?

Answer: According to Selena Rezvani of the Washington Post, women are four times less likely to negotiate in business than men, partly a result of undervaluing the services they offer. Because women endlessly compromise in so many areas of their lives – managing their children, balancing responsibilities, and finding time for themselves – they are apt to avoid conflict or rejection at work.

What should you do?

  • Know your value: With confidence comes prosperity. Believing in yourself puts you in a better position for business growth – whether it’s dealing with a difficult customer or seeking funding.
  • Come prepared: Make sure that you enter into tough conversations knowing what you want.  Approach each situation with confidence, facts, and a little tenacity. You’re then entering a conversation between two rational people rather than a daunting negotiation.