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Tune Out the Noise and Follow Your Gut

My “wewaxation” weekend post got lots of views and shares…

So I think that another “soft and mushy” post is in order. After all, our behaviors and habits as women can have a significant impact on our business outlook, relationships, and results.

As founders, we often get lots of advice from different people. As a consultant and friend, I sometimes dispense that advice. But everyone needs to make her own decisions regarding what is truly “good” counsel. Sometimes people will offer their opinions because they are concerned about our well-being. Or, they may just think we want their advice when we’re talking about a problem.

Reading people’s LinkedIn profiles and Facebook pages can sometimes spur feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. Keep in mind that all that public stuff is the fictionalized version of reality. People are usually not going to post, “My cash flow sucks…I’m lonely…and my hair is a mess today.” Take the social babble with a grain of salt.

Try to live in the “no gossip zone” too. Women love to dish. It’s what we do. I make a real effort to shut out the stuff I hear about other people. You never know what’s really going on behind the scenes in someone’s life.

When you need business advice, turn to people you respect and trust. Listen to what they have to say but also take into account whether it feels right for you at that point in time. I recently got a call from a client I had worked with several years ago who told me that she didn’t really understand or agree with what I was recommending then, but now she realizes it was some of the best branding advice she ever got. She just hadn’t reached that point in the evolution of her company where she could “hear” the value.

When someone offers you advice, ask yourself:

  • Does this person REALLY care about my success or are they telling me this for their own personal gain?
  • Does she have direct experience in what she is telling me to do? Does she have a track record?
  • What is the risk to me and to my business if I take the advice and it’s wrong? Am I resisting the advice because it’s new and different or because I don’t really trust it?

At the end of the day, you need to open your ears but defer to your gut. If what you hear is making you queasy, tune out!

Listen up! Mistakes smart people make when getting advice.