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Practicing Gratitude with Amy McDonald

The countdown to 2021 is on and we’re brimming still brimming with gratitude! As we reflect back on this year, it’s this community that has made us most grateful. 

If you haven’t been following our gratitude series, we’re highlighting women entrepreneurs who have chosen, in spite of everything, to end the year with grateful hearts. They’ve been sharing beautiful stories of gratitude and connection that have truly inspired us. Amy McDonald’s response is no different!

Amy is CEO and President of ALTWELL, a modern wellness company. ALTWELL creates CBD products for full-body ease, inside and out. She’s sharing her practice of gratitude and some helpful tips to express what you’re thankful for as the year comes to a close. 

What or who are you grateful for and why?

I am grateful for so many things—my health, my family, my amazing support system, and the best team in the business at ALTWELL. Our team is resilient, creative, and hard-working. We are women-led, which translates to multi-tasking at its best. The CBD market is new, our company is young, and we launched in early 2020 right at the onset of the pandemic. Talk about being faced with challenges! And this team of amazing people rose to the occasion every time. I am grateful that we all truly care about each other, and that we can offer diverse opinions and push each other to find the best solutions for our customers. Simply put, this team gets it done, and I am grateful for their energy and inspiration every day, I am also grateful that we work in the health and wellness market and that we bring products to market that can absolutely help people to live their best lives.

Do you have a special way of practicing gratitude in your business? What is it?

I have a practice of gratitude at work that I have used for years and I expect to continue this tradition at ALTWELL. It’s simple and heartfelt—and I believe the expression of gratitude makes a difference.  At least once a year, and often this time of year, I like to do two things.  

First, I publish a note of all of the things I am grateful for. This list highlights our accomplishments, even what we have overcome, and adds some personal reflection as well. The result is an expression of gratitude, but it’s also humbling as well. It’s so easy to keep pushing forward; often we need to pause and reflect. A lot of good comes from that.  

Second, I like to jot down short personal notes of gratitude for each person on the team. Each of these notes is unique and specific to the person receiving them. These are fun to write, but it’s even more fun to see the expressions when people read them.  We are all human and like to be seen as individuals.  As a leader, I believe expressing gratitude in a personal and authentic manner really does matter.

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