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Apps Take a Bite Out of Pet Business Growing Pains

When your client base grows from 4 legs to 400 legs, you may need more technology.

For women  entering the booming $60B pet industry, the potential for rapid growth may find founders scrambling to build a loyal client base with excellent service while keeping up with burgeoning behind-the-scenes operational demands.

The more barks, the worse the bite…into your time and wallet.

To keep the wheels turning and sheers trimming at top speed, pet business owners have a variety of multi-purpose, low-maintenance application options — and that includes two founded by women:

  • New to the market,  GroomPro POS was launched in April 2017 by Founder Lucy Stevens and includes online booking, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing tools to increase your Google rankings.
  • 123Pet Software launched in 2005 by Co-Founder Chris Jackson and husband Mark and provides enhanced services like photo storage, vaccination histories and automated marketing campaigns to drive customer loyalty and referrals.

Two great options.  Check out 18 more on Capterra’s Top 20 list.

But before you start downloading, follow these 4 tips to shortlist your options and choose the best provider to support your growth:

  1. Free Demos.  Test for functionality AND tech support.  Time is money; pay attention to how quickly and easily the vendor fixes an issue.
  2. Must-Haves versus Nice-to-Haves.  Prioritize your needs, in particular with features like marketing, invoicing and payment processing.
  3. Scaling.  If you’re a party of one today but plan to add to your team soon, consider subscription-based plans that allow you to add users without time-consuming configuration changes.
  4. Device and System Flexibility.  Consider the devices you use to run the business: smart phone, tablet, desktop — all three?  If you have a team in place, each using his/her own device today, check for compatibility with both iOS and Android.

Now, go ahead. Download your way to business success 2018!