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Are you a Truly Liberated Founder?

In honor of July 4th 2017…

I’m ruminating today about the subject of freedom. (If you’d like to join me in my ruminations, I’m co-hosting a 30-minute online chat with Tony Coretto on June 28th at 7pm EST. Even if you can’t make it “live” if you sign up, you’ll get the recording afterwards.)

My first year of having my own business was a liberating one for sure!

I loved waking up when I wanted to, working when it was convenient for me, and spending free time with my daughters. But, as we women founders know, having a business involves a new set of shackles. I grew my business very quickly and was suddenly “shackled” with payroll, rent expenses, billing and collection woes, and a range of new responsibilities. I had left corporate life only to find a new set of stresses and confining factors.

After running a big business for a while, I made the conscious decision to “right-size” so I could spend more time doing the things I really love and focusing on the target markets that gave me the most joy and profitability.

As an empty nester, I also now have the freedom to travel, explore, and take better care of myself. I worked hard to get to this point and learning how to focus on my own needs and well being is new to me. I urge women entrepreneurs to treat themselves as a priority too. You can’t build a successful business if you’re sleep-deprived and stressed. Foregoing a personal and social life will just make you cranky and boring over time.

Everyone has her own definition of freedom. We all make choices at different stages of our lives depending on our perspectives, priorities, and the needs of those around us.

In honor of Independence Day, we urge our readers to share their definitions of freedom and think about the things that are “shackling” them in life.

Now fire up your BBQ and your inner fireworks and liberate yourself this summer!