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Are You in One of Those “Monday Moods?” Snap Out of It Woman!

Yeah, Mondays can suck.

Although we entrepreneurs usually work seven days, getting back to a “routine” and dealing with more customers, clients, team members, administrative challenges, and even traffic can put us in a funk.

I’m one of those Pollyanna-esque geek chicks who love Mondays — viewing each Monday as a “do-over” day…a chance to set a new goal, meet some new people, and get some stuff done that will set the tone for the rest of the week. (That said, getting out of bed is usually a bit rough!)

Here are some expert tips on how to make Monday the best day ever. Pick one or two of them and, as my eighth grade Algebra teacher used to say (on Mondays AND every other day), “Make them yours!”

  • How to stay relaxed and other wisdom from Entrepreneur.
  • If you lead a team (dedicated or virtual), your Monday blues can be contagious. Be mindful of not letting your crappy mood result in a dust storm. Lead by example and put on that happy face. If you have a team meeting on Mondays, recap all the great things that happened last week and set goals for the week ahead. Here’s more from Forbes on beating the Monday blues.
  • If you’re a meme-y kinda woman, check out these inspirational quotes on Pinterest.
  • Do something fun or healthy for yourself after work, if possible. Lots of salons/spas are slow on Monday and you can sometimes get a deal. Or, grab a friend and take advantage of a Monday night activity near you. Going to the gym or other form of exercise will get your endorphins flowing for the rest of the week.

What’s YOUR favorite Monday blues-buster? Discuss!

Happy Monday sheBOOMers!