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Blasting into the Future of Social Media

Questions: What’s next for social media? How do I keep up?

Answer: Social media is now being fully integrated into marketing programs. Rather than thinking of it as a separate entity, incorporate it into your ongoing marketing and sales plans. The experts predict that messaging apps will grow in use/popularity (which makes sense as more people are using their smart phones for day-to-day activities). Video in social media is also going to continue to build in viewership and engagement. Read more predictions here.

What Should You Do?  You’re already doing it! Joining communities like this one is the first step toward staying current! Be sure to read the weekly posts in Happy Tech. We’ll often write about social media, with links to useful articles and tip sheets. Lots of organizations and industry conferences offer workshops – from basic to advanced. You don’t need to jump on every new trend. Just read, listen, learn, and take baby steps toward expertise. Social media is still relatively new…you can’t be expected to learn it all overnight. But remember it IS here to stay!