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What’s the best (business) gift you ever got?

When I started my first entrepreneurial venture 14 years ago…

an agency now called Overabove (formerly Outthink) went above and beyond for me. I had championed them when they were first starting out in business and the principals paid it forward by designing my brand logo and business card (which have outlasted many many design trends).

Since then, hundreds (if not thousands) of kind people have gifted me with incredible assignments, new connections, and an amazing range of knowledge. In fact, sheBOOM would not exist if not for a “business gift” from Jim D’Arcangelo — a brilliant seed of an idea for a business community for female founders.

Some business gifts keep on gifting. Sharon Rowe, the pioneer of ECOBAGS took a chance on me to get her product on Oprah (when she had a TV show). We did it and it was a tipping point for my company. Since then, Sharon and I have supported each other in various ways. We never ask each other for anything. It just magically happens.

Of course, we all have received tangible gifts too — electronic devices or learning that streamlines our businesses. Robin Wittich Tarta sent me a simple gratitude rock, which I keep on my desk as a reminder to be thankful every day. It was totally unexpected (as many great gifts are). She had just sold the gift business (ironic, right?) that I had helped her brand.

So, in the spirit of gifting season, let’s share our stories of that ONE special gift you got (tangible or otherwise) that changed your business and maybe even your destiny.

Here’s the form. It’s simple to complete. Please get it to us (along with a head shot or a photo of the gift itself) no later than December 22nd, so we can gift you with a shout-out!