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Can Your Droid Be Your Spiritual Guide? Technology, Fitness & Relaxation

Of course it seems counter-intuitive. Can technology really help us become better human beings? The answer is yes…if you can harness that technology to establish and maintain better health habits.

Here are just a few ways that new technologies are making us more aware of our bodies and mental states.

  • Wearable technology. Even if you don’t have time to exercise, you can become more mindful of your body movements every day with devices like the Fitbit and Apple Watch act as “virtual trainers.” Just by parking a distance away from your shop or taking the stairs rather than the escalator, you can squeeze in some extra cardio. This great website, Wareable reviews a variety of options at different price points. You can even join groups of other wearable fans and communicate progress online.
  • It won’t push you away from the table or take that chocolate croissant out of your mouth, but…MyFitnessPal is a useful site for journaling and tracking everything you consume. Described as the King (or should it really be the Queen) of the diet trackers in this article, the community is now 75 million strong!
  • Happy Tech talks about how our phones can stress us out and disrupt our sleep. But they can also calm us down. Here are just a few of the top mindfulness and meditation apps.
  • After perusing some health websites, we convince ourselves that we have at least five diseases. Verywell is a new site that shares useful and preventative guidance in a way that’s reassuring and fun (just like sheBOOM!)
  • Now, put down all those devices and take a summer vacation! You can use this site to find vacation spots that are perfect for unplugging.

Have a favorite site or app that contributes to your health and well-being? Tips to share with our readers? Just e-mail us at nancy@sheboom.com and we may feature your advice (and your business).