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I still look longingly at the school supply aisle when


Simone De La Rue took her passion for dancing on Broadway and


"Before starting my business, I wish I would have known to go slow. I made a lot of mistakes because I rushed into decisions trying

Today, the health and wellness industry is changing faster than ever. People are predicting the future of the health and wellness industry to be

Here is a five sequence yoga flow you can do without having to get up from your desk! Seated Foward Fold: Reach your hands up

“It’s all about balance. I work hard and find time to play hard, too—and always make time for eight hours of sleep. When I’m

After a journey of struggling with a severe anxiety disorder and panic attacks, this amazing woman achieved her goals by starting a business to

One of the best feelings in the world is getting home after a long day and finally taking off your heels. We all know

Fact: Technology is Changing the Fitness Industry What should you do? Health and wellness is becoming a great industry to make a large profit with little

Balancing your business, life, and family with your mental and physical health can seem almost impossible at times. These female founders have some amazing