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The largest pet industry trade show in North America is hardly a dog house. It runs at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Los

Pets are Almost Hotter than Robots! If you’re in the pet business, the phrase ‘dog days of summer’ holds an optimistic meaning.  Business is barking…err,

Sweets weeks are drawing to a close. Tomorrow we'll be going to the dogs (hot dogs and pets, that is!) in honor of National Hot

Need money? Ask the sharks. Shark Tank can be a highly-visible way to pitch your ideas, gain worldwide publicity, potentially score funding, and glean free

Hiring employee #1 is a big step in any business. It's an even bigger step when it's YOUR business and every penny of the person's

How can you find funds to cook up those sweet ideas?  Starting a new business is always financially challenging. You need money for ingredients, packaging,  marketing,

For Most Women, “Rewirement” is a Better Option than Retirement This post is brought to sheBOOM by Tony Coretto, entrepreneur, early retiree, and co-founder of

Alana Lipson, Cornell graduate and Associate Analyst at Mastercard, spent her academic career studying marketing, strategy and psychology. As a guest contributor to sheBOOM,

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