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Nikisha Brunson turned a stressful, unfulfilling career into a self-care


Donna Garzon on conservation: "As a human: I promise it


The planet is changing, and we're behind it. We love this article from NASA on the manifestations of global warming and the earth. SheBOOMers, are

"The impacts of climate change – droughts, floods, extreme weather, increased incidence of disease, and growing food and water insecurity – disproportionately affect the world’s

Meet Mariya Alexander, an immigrant and woman in comedy, who speaks her truth.  Mariya Alexander is a stand-up comedian and creates podcasts. Check out some

"Comedy is a giant middle finger to oppressive systems and a way to create and connect." Meet Camille Roane. Camille Roane is a stand-up comic

"I think comedy is the most beautiful thing in the world." Meet Vanessa Esperanza. Vanessa Esperanza does just about everything! Improv, sketch comedy, video, Youtube, situational comedy

"Comedy is how we begin to work together and change the world for the better." Meet Desiree Staples. Desiree Staples, a Film/TV and Theater Comedic

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