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Deborah Greene founded LiveaMoment -- which promotes peaceful living through


Sunnyskorean.com! Sunny Kaminski is the owner of this new food business.


Kate Levenstien is a lifelong foodie with an insatiable appetite for adventure. She is passionate about creating big, bold, one-of-a-kind experiences. In 2013, she brought her background

ReedPop Founders share how they launch and scale without compromising authenticity. ReedPop was founded in 2009 as a separate division of B2B parent company Reed Exhibitions after early

Whether you're shooting a web video or are fortunate enough to appear on TV

Founder Jennifer Horton shares what fuels her platinum music industry success. Jennifer Horton has always been a fan of the performing arts; she grew up as

Daniela Grafman made a pivot from fashion P.R. to run a successful event planning business after working at New York Fashion Week. You might

How Did a Female Founder Re-Decorate Her Career Path? Lucie Ayres' first job out of college was with Cushman & Wakefield, where she helped companies

Not every women hates to clean up after people. Christie L. Machorek dreamed of running her own SCRUBS Cleaning Partners business, a safe-for-the-environment (hooray!)

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