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You know we’re all about supporting women here at sheBOOM,


Live Human interaction is selective these days, but that doesn’t


Naomi Keren blends the worlds of fitness and technology with interactive home workout classes. She created Kemtai. Kemtai brings the gym to your home by

Summertime fun and ice cream go hand-in-hand. What is a sunny day favorite to many was not readily available to most people back in

sheBOOMer: Shandee Chernow Her story: Shandee founded CertiStar in 2017. The company's mission is to protect and improve the safety and dining experience of all

Interested in food and technology? Danielle Gould, the CEO and founder of Food + Tech Connect, single-handedly changed the food tech industry. Food + Tech Connect

Video reigns supreme in the marketing world. Here's how you can make it work for your business:   Videos on social media sites generate 1200% more

Snapchat just rolled out its biggest update yet. What is the Update? Snapchat, a popular photo-sharing app, allows users to send friends disappearing photo messages

When your client base grows from 4 legs to 400 legs, you may need more technology. For women  entering the booming $60B pet industry, the

Back with part two of my Women of TechCrunch feature and three more founders eager to share their advice and views on women in STEM

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