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Seun Adigun, captain of the newly formed Nigerian Olympic Bobsled Team, is making history. No African nation has ever participated in the Olympic bobsledding event,

Just how far have women come since the start of the Olympic Games? The “2016 Women in the Olympic Movement Factsheet,” published by the

Women are leading cannabis education, and Ellementa is at the helm. Aliza Sherman,  co-founder and CEO of Ellementa, author, and tech entrepreneur, is sharing her knowledge of

The time has come to make educating young women globally a priority. Access to education is hardly guaranteed in many areas of Africa, and for

Women are leading the way to conservation minded education. Grades of Green is bringing environmental education to children all over the country. Founded in 2008

What's Happening. By 2018 medical or recreational marijuana will be legal in 29 U.S. states and the District of Columbia according to this article in governing.com. This

From farm-to-table and table-to-farm. What's happening? Hyper-local farming is in focus this year, according to the National Restaurant Association, and farming innovations erupting in urban spaces,

In the medtech industry, funding is fertile.  What's happening? Women in the U.S. are waiting longer to give birth. (First-time mothers are an average of

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