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Many of the most bad-ass (and wealthiest) women created their fortune. In fact 88% of the female entrepreneurs who made the Forbes America’s 50

FACT: >70% of women don’t have easy access to affordable, feminine hygiene products. These women created a solution.   The story behind the fact: Gaby Alves

The new arena for business is changing fast and it is an exciting time for women. Collaboration and diversity rule. We're speaking up and

Fact: There are over 9 million women-owned companies in the United States What should you do? Find a support group (sheBOOM)! The number of women-owned companies

Fact: Less than 10% of venture capital from 2009-2015 went to female-owned companies. What Should You Do? Explore your options! Even though 10% is an extremely low number,

Finding reliable resources for women entrepreneurs can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, Mashable compiled a list of 10 resources including radio shows, funds, and entrepreneurship

Ericka Perry is not only a sheBOOMer, but also a mother who created a product to bring smiles to other mothers around the world.

"Before starting my business, I wish I would have known to go slow. I made a lot of mistakes because I rushed into decisions trying