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Businesses help a country’s economy grow, and they provide employment to locals ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A big thank you to Marina Robertson for the following article about the state

Death to Boring Low-Tech Meetings and Events! What's on the horizon for the event industry this year?  According to Smart Meetings'  "8 Meeting and Event

The Five Strongest Women in the History of U.S. Cinema You may ask, "What is he doing on here -- writing for sheBOOM? And about

We all know that founding and running a business is rarely glitzy. Sure, we sometimes get glammed-up for headshot photo shoots, conferences, or awards events

In our eyes, there's a lot more to the Super Bowl than the big game. (Maybe some of the 113 million viewers that tuned in

We're here for the commercials. It's no secret that the Superbowl is put on a pedestal to bring us the most emotional, creative and funny commercials

Coach or Captain?  Startup expert shares which cap you should wear and other tips to earning the big W at launch. Kathy McShane is a serial

If you had the choice of wearing yoga pants or a business suit all day

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