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Fact: There are over 9 million women-owned companies in the United States What should you do? Find a support group (sheBOOM)! The number of women-owned companies

Fact: Less than 10% of venture capital from 2009-2015 went to female-owned companies. What Should You Do? Explore your options! Even though 10% is an extremely low number,

Finding reliable resources for women entrepreneurs can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, Mashable compiled a list of 10 resources including radio shows, funds, and entrepreneurship

Ericka Perry is not only a sheBOOMer, but also a mother who created a product to bring smiles to other mothers around the world.

"Before starting my business, I wish I would have known to go slow. I made a lot of mistakes because I rushed into decisions trying

Fact: Meditation reduces anxiety. What should you do? Meditate! Meditation can help you escape negative thoughts and overall help you live a happier, healthier life. Meditation classes are hard

Today, the health and wellness industry is changing faster than ever. People are predicting the future of the health and wellness industry to be

After a journey of struggling with a severe anxiety disorder and panic attacks, this amazing woman achieved her goals by starting a business to