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Claire Matern’s Lucky Conversation

A chance connection triggers a chain reaction.

Claire Matern, founder of a cheesemonger’s daughter, is a lucky lady! Her business is a food lifestyle company for people who are “still interning at life.” Its mission is to empower and encourage users to cook for themselves.

Her lucky break was a chance connection with a food blogger. “Luck came in the form of a food blogger (and now friend) who walked into my father’s shop years ago and struck up a conversation with him. Because of a quick chat they had, I was introduced to her, hit it off, and a chain of events was sparked. Because of her, I went to a panel discussion a food photographer was speaking on. I was later introduced to her. From that meeting I met a food stylist she works with who would months later give me my first job on a cookbook set. On that cookbook set (now an IACP culinary book prize winner) I met the chef and author who became a mentor for my own cookbook proposal… None of that would have happened if she hadn’t walked in and asked to take a couple pictures of my father’s shop for her blog.” Matern’s story reminds us to value every connection we make– you never know who is going to change your life!

To all the ladies out there who aren’t feeling so lucky, Matern reminds you to “let things come to you.” She adds, “There is beauty in patience, and to trust that everything happens in it’s own time. If you remain diligent in your mission and continue to work at it…things will fall into place and opportunities and people will come into your life.”

Matern’s parting words? “Luck comes in many forms, and in my opinion it’s often people you meet, so always, no matter what, be nice to everyone.” We can get behind that advice!