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Claire Ptak: Business Fit for a Queen

If you didn’t watch the royal wedding, I’m sure you saw pictures of it all over the news and your social media feed. The only thing sweeter than Harry and Meghan tying the knot was the beautiful cake made by a local pastry chef, Claire Ptak. She grew up in California with a passion for baking. She got into baking at 14 and has continued to follow her dreams while baking until this very day. She moved to London and began selling her cakes at a local market until finally deciding she would open a small shop called Violet Cakes in 2010. She now makes beautiful, delicious cakes and pastries for those of us lucky enough to try them. The rest of us will just have to settle with pictures of the royal wedding cake and the attempt to make her specialty cakes in our own home with the help of her cookbook.
Beyond cakes, pastries, and cookbooks, Claire has a podcast called Violet Sessions. This podcast features different women who talk about their inspirations, insights, and thoughts. Claire is using her newly-found fame and creating something that is supporting wonderful women and give them a way to share their incredible stories.