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Co-Working: Can it Work for You?

I’m writing this from my cozy little office at WeWork

WeWork is one of the largest and most innovative co-working spaces in the world right now.  I found my way here after the recession, wanting the flexibility to scale up or down and not be wedded to the angst of overhead every month. Sharing space with other founders has been a terrific experience. In fact, many of the sheBOOM team members and sheBOOMers (thriving women entrepreneurs) were sourced via the WeWork app!

The life of the basement entrepreneur can be a lonely one. Even if you have a team working for you, exposure to other founders in different businesses can be healthy for you. In fact, here are some great stats about why co-working can make us happier!

When I first started co-working, it was a relatively new trend and your only choice was “conservative” or “hip.” Now, woman-only co-working spaces are emerging. Check out The Wing, which is both a co-working space and social club. Whether you opt for single-sex or co-ed space, women founders can benefit from having a “community.”

The concept has also been extended to specific industries — like The Food Loft in Boston.

Like choosing a neighborhood in which to live, you need to go through a process when choosing a co-working situation that’s right for you. What amenities and vibe are you seeking? Will you be having lots of guests? Do you like small or big? Regional or global? Each has its advantages. Take tours and look at pros and cons and competitive pricing. After all, you spend a lot of time working…shouldn’t your “office home” feel just right?