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Just Breathe!

Stress Buster: Just Breathe

Life gets hectic, we’re on the proverbial treadmill, and it feels stressful. Here’s a FREE stress buster that only takes seconds.

It’s obvious and simple and totally overlooked. It’s called breathing! Before you chuckle and dismiss the idea – here’s the rationale. The first thing we do when we enter this world is breathe and the last thing we do as we exit this planet is take a breath. However, the 30, 40, 50, or 60+ years in between, we seem to forget about breathing.

Here’s quick technique that can shift your world…so it’s called “reaching for SODA”. Nope – not the kind you drink but the kind you do. When you’re caught in the swirl of craziness…

Stop – just take a breath, a really deep one and relax

Observe – yup been here before…this is a familiar conversation, argument, etc.

Detach from the outcome of whatever’s going on – you are not in control of anyone but yourself

Awareness – you can chose a different thought, make a different choice but be aware of what you’re doing and you can shift from conditioned responses to one of deciding what do you really want and just do that!

I learned this from a great teacher and, if you practice it, it can change your world.


Kathy D’Agostino (Coach K) is a Certified Professional Coach. She conduct workshops and facilitates training with core values, positive psychology, and tapping into your authentic self.