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Dr. Colleen Mullen: Self-Care Entrepreneur

Meet Dr. Colleen Mullen. Her high-stress career makes self-care a necesssity!

Dr. Colleen Mullen is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has been in the field 17 years and self-employed for 11 years. She also heads a team of 5 clinicians, hosts 2 psychology-related podcasts, and writes a relationship column for The B Quarterly Magazine.

Mullen’s line of work can be stressful, so she is proactive about taking care of herself. “I make sure to allow for breaks in my schedule to let me think, get some air and stretch my body. Outside of the work day, I make sure to schedule outside fun and exercise, give myself time to connect with friends and family, and I limit my clinical schedule to avoid burnout as it runs high in my field.”

Her top tips for entrepreneurial women?

1. Remember that your needs count. Everyone may need you but if you haven’t breathed fresh air in a few hours, it can certainly affect how you are feeling during the day. Go take a 10 minute fresh air and breathing break.

2. Delegate accurately and efficiently. If you delegate the wrong tasks (even to competent people) things will not run efficiently.

3. Turn off your phone or stop working at least 1 hour before you put yourself to bed at night. Some of us cant help but take work home. Plan your night with enough time to unwind and not take your stress to bed with you.