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De-Stress to Grow

Clearly, worrying less is not the only factor that will pave the road to riches in your business. But it is one of the five “essentials” in this great article from Fast Company.

You’ll find lots of advice on what factors will ultimately help you grow your business, but calm and rational decision-making and planning can go a long way.

All too often, women business owners worry about their families, friends, and loved ones as well as their businesses – leaving little time for long-term planning and for taking care of their own needs.

Celebrate Small Business Week 2016 by planning a day that’s just for you and your business. Whether it’s a team retreat, a day of solo contemplation, or a meeting with a trusted advisor.

Set realistic goals and then take small steps each day towards achieving them.

  • Every morning, write down ONE small and important thing you need to do. Achieve it and you’ll feel great at the end of every day.
  • At the end of each day, think about ONE small thing or person you’re grateful for.
  • Set ONE small but meaningful goal for this year.
  • Every month, do ONE small enjoyable thing for yourself. (Of course, if you can squeeze in more, go for it!)

Most important, stress less about the million things you think you need to do. Just do the small things well!

What is one small thing you’ve done that’s led to big business results? Join us on Facebook and share your story! And be sure to check out Just Chill for our weekly inspirations.