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Desk Flow (A Yoga Flow You Can Do During Your Lunch Break)

Here is a five sequence yoga flow you can do without having to get up from your desk!

Seated Foward Fold: Reach your hands up while breathing in and then exhale slowly while you move your chair back and bend until your hands are touching the end of your desk. (Keep your back completely straight). Hold this position for five breaths.

Seated Cat-Cow: From your seated forward fold, inhale and push your stomach towards your knees. Exhale and round out your back towards the sky. Repeat this for five full breaths.

Seated Twist: On your next inhale, rise up, place your right hand on your desk, and twist to your left so your left hand is facing the wall behind you (your body is still facing forward). Hold for two full breaths and repeat with your right side.

Eagle Pose: From a forward facing position, inhale and wrap your right hand under your left and place both palms together, lift up your right leg and cross it over your left, then exhale and fold your body forward. Stay here for a full breath and on your next exhale, release your body. Repeat this on your left side.

Final Savasana: Place both palms on your desk (facing upwards for receiving or downwards for grounding). Sit up straight and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and as much time as you need in this final pose. When you’re ready to take on your day, start some movement throughout your body and slowly open your eyes.