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Weekend Guilty Pleasures: Dessert Makers in Film

Sweets weekend begins!

Be sure to sample our real life stories of women of the dessert world this month. If you’re looking for a light treat, taste these movies featuring foodie founders who bake, cook, and support themselves and others. (If you’re a film buff, check out our Oscar week series here, here and here!)

Ana Pascal, bakery owner

The small business owner who bakes for a living (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal) in Stranger Than Fiction (2006) teaches Will Ferrell’s character her business philosophy, and the life lessons in between.

Vianne, chocolate maker

The heroine in Chocolat (2000) (played by Juliette Binoche) travels around the French countryside selling chocolate truffles. She runs into a snag when she sets up shop in a particularly isolating town. But her knack for understanding what her customers want wins them over.

J.C. Wiatt, organic baby food founder

Baby Boom (1987) answers the question, “Can you have it all?” Not particularly realistic, but fun to watch.


Martha, gourmet chef

Mostly Martha (2001) is the story of  a demanding and successful chef, but the tale isn’t as much about her career as it is about her lifestyle and the twists and turns in her personal life. Six years later, another movie under the same premise was released with Catherine Zeta-Jones.


Julia Child, iconic chef and TV personality

Julie & Julia (2009), features cinematic wonder women Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. The main character, blogger Julie Powell, challenges herself to pick up one of Child’s books and cook all of the recipes in it by year’s end, documenting her daily struggles.

And let’s not forget the old classic that started the whole notion of baked goods that lead to prosperity (and drama)…

Mildred Pierce

The TV remake was dreadful, but the 1945 original captured the sacrifices a baker makes to build her pie empire and help her ungrateful daughter live a sweet life.

Pick a flick and let it inspire your next foodie adventure.