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Do You LOVE What You Do?

Valentines Day is a few short days away and love is in the air.

So is commerce. Close to $20 billion is spent on that day of hearts and flowers.  Having a passion for your business is also key to your success.

As you know, I love to ruminate and I love making listicles. So, in honor of sheBOOM’s Valentine’s Week (when we’ll be covering business relationships, office romance, partnerships, soul-based businesses, relationship-building apps, and more) here are 10 things I am passionate about and why I love being a female founder.

  1. I LOVE hearing from you (our readers)! So please add your perspective this week. What do YOU love? Do you have a business that booms during Valentines season? Do you have tips for improving business relationships (or family relationships as an entrepreneur)? We LOVE spreading the word about what our readers do. Just click here to send us your story. I’m not the only one who should be ruminating this week!
  2. I LOVE connecting with and learning from new people. In the 13 years since I’ve had my business, I’ve met so many diverse people (women and men) who have made my life richer.
  3. I LOVE having some control over my schedule. Taking time to travel, explore, and hang with my daughters.
  4. I LOVE the technology that enables me to do #3.
  5. I LOVE mentoring young women and helping them in their careers.
  6. I LOVE teaching workshops and educating small business owners about digital media, female empowerment, cross-generational communications, and other things.
  7. I LOVE going to trade shows and conferences in a variety of industries. (See #2.)
  8. I LOVE innovating and solving complex problems for clients. Being an independent contractor enables me to say and do things that I might not be able to do as an employee.
  9. I LOVE getting up each morning, never quite knowing what the day might have in store.
  10. I LOVE writing. Always have. And content marketing is my sweet spot because it combines words, analysis, and marketing technology…all things I’m passionate about.

Of course, we all have things we don’t love (dare I say “hate”) about running ones own business. But let’s keep it positive and passionate this week, ladies! Show us some LOVE and add your thoughts.

P.S. Here is the link again. We LOVE making your life easier. You won’t even have to scroll up.

With love xoxo

Nancy (sheBOOM publisher)