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Women and Earth: Donna Garzon

Donna Garzon on conservation: “As a human: I promise it gets better because we are getting better.”

Donna Garzon founded Seventytwo°, a sustainable fashion brand. Garzon’s brand re-invents simple garments and makes them better, more stylish and more comfortable. Their mission is to create clothes you’ll want to live in and share with the world. Garzon describes her purpose: “I always wanted to create something created by people for people, something that would allow me to relate to people. I never tried to be perfect. I tried to be real. I want to connect with people.”

Garzon’s brand manufactures their garments in the US, specifically with domestically sourced fabrics in order to reduce their carbon footprint. For women interested in the future of sustainability, Garzon writes “Know that ‘sustainability’ is not a trend that is going to go away. I think the consumer today… wants to know the back story and the people behind the brand. People want to identify with what they are using and wearing, and more so if it is something that is helping one way or another. Be true to yourself and be true to your product. ALWAYS.”

“Sustainably is just a never ending learning experience about the subject and what is new out there…We have to remember that sustainable is not just a thing, it is a way of living and being…We believe in sustainable practices and investing in the people that work tirelessly on this brand.”