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Environmental Education Starts Early

Women are leading the way to conservation minded education.

Grades of Green is bringing environmental education to children all over the country. Founded in 2008 at Grand View Elementary School by four mothers, Lisa Coppedge, Shaya Kirkpatrick, Suzanne Kretschmer, and Kim Lewand, this California nonprofit is making waves in green education.

The effects of climate change are becoming dire as we scramble to recover from Hurricane Irma. Grades of Green attempts to teach environmental values young and make sustainable behavior stick.

After a school signs up for the program, they are assigned a Grades of Green Advisor, who targets specific changes that fit into the school’s culture. These changes are implemented through fun activities and challenges, and schools can track their progress through badges. Grades of Green makes conservation achievable and measurable.

Susan Warshaw, named executive director in November 2016, brings her extensive background in nonprofit education work and environmental advocacy to the program. She served as executive director at Manhattan Beach Education Foundation and started her career in Washington DC as a consultant for the EPA and other environmental groups.

Grades of Green has already reached 549 schools and 15 countries, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this nonprofit!