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Back to the Land: The Female Founding Farmers (and Other “Earthy” Women)

In honor of harvest season…

sheBOOM is honoring the female farmers who are growing food, herbs, and legal cannabis, as well as the entrepreneurial women who are launching and managing businesses related to agriculture.

Women now make up 30% of farm operators and many young women are choosing to pursue farming as a career. In fact, a conference is dedicated just to Executive Women in Agriculture.

We’ll be covering “traditional farming,” the farm of the future, and creative uses of land like goat yoga and turning potatoes and corn into vodka! Not to mention technologies that will impact how we use our land, create our crops, and co-exist with plant and animals for years to come.

Know a woman who’s involved in a farm-related business? Please complete this form no later than November 20th. Don’t stay in your silo! Share your story and inspire other women.