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Fear Factors: Our October Treats (Not Tricks) Edition

All founders (female and male) get spooked at times

Fear of failure…anxiety over cash flow…terrors about not getting the funding you need…the list goes on and on. Here are some of the most common entrepreneurial goblins.

Learning how to face our fears head-on and overcome them is a skill we all need to develop if we want to grow our businesses.

This month we reached out to women entrepreneurs and asked them to express their biggest fears and how they overcame them. Within hours we got close to 30 responses! Our only fear was that we wouldn’t have enough resources (woman power — our editorial team is virtually 100% volunteer) to share all these tales with you!

We hope you’ll read, comment, and share your own inspirational treats about how you fought your fears and overcame those self-doubt ghouls and ghosts. This is the month to free the skeletons from their closets!

Have a story to share? Please complete this form no later than October 20th. (Don’t be scared of Google Forms…they’re really very simple!)