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What’s Hot and Cool? #6: That Time of Month for New Products!

Periods. And we’re not talking punctuation.
What’s happening? 
In recent years, innovative products marketed to women seeking high-quality and stylish comfort during their menstrual cycles are gaining ground. Thinx launched in 2011 and continually paints the town red with their provocative ad campaigns.
Why should you care? 
This is a women’s health issue, and several states have recognized the need to drop taxes on pads and tampons. Opportunities certainly exist for international and local nonprofits to provide basic female amenities, but luxury brands aren’t going anywhere. Period products make up a $15 billion industry, and the female hygiene industry is a $35 billion global market, involving about one-third of the population, and the average American woman spends $150-$300 annually on disposable feminine hygiene products.
Who’s leading?
New Yorkers Alexandra Friedman and Jordana Kier founded LOLA in 2014 — a company that produces 100% natural cotton tampons, pads and liners delivered direct-to-consumer. LOLA has raised over $17M from investors since its inception and continues to see growth year over year by targeting specific consumer needs.
Friedman describes how she entered the industry: “Women are conscious consumers in all of their other product categories. What’s in your food? What’s in your face cream? What’s in your shampoo? Those are things that come up and aren’t awkward to talk about. For some reason, tampons have flown under the radar. So what we wanted to do was get the conversation started.”
What can you do? 
Friedman and Kier organized focus groups to better understand what women want. They identified a problem (chemicals in period products and taboos around female genitalia) and developed a community-collaborative solution.  Keep an eye on what’s happening in your industry and follow the trends — convenience, comfort and safety are top priorities right now and won’t change anytime soon.