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Introducing…the Fierce & Fab Female Founder Series! Who’s Starting What?

What types of businesses are women starting?

Over the past days (since sheBOOM launched), we reached out to hundreds of thousands of women to gather their stories.

The response has been overwhelming (in a great way). Capturing all of their wisdom and successes would take years. And we like to move faster than that! (See what Nada Stirrat has to say about acceleration this week.)

So, every week we’re going to choose one key industry and profile a few of the women who are founding businesses in that category. This is in addition to our popular sheBOOMer profiles — in-depth interviews with women.

I also have found myself connecting women just starting out in a sector with women who’ve built businesses and scaled them. Because sheBOOM was started as a community, what better way to provide that mentorship than give all our readers access to other founders just like them? Feel free to ask a question, find a mentor, or simply learn from their successes.

We’ll start the week with food and beverage (yum!), but will be covering a wide range of sectors in the weeks and months ahead.

Whether we decide to remain small and mighty, scale-up, or aspire to be a sheMILLIONAIRE, we all need inspiration and role models. Here are just a few women who’ve built huge businesses.

You’ll find many many more on sheBOOM!