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Spotlight On: Black Lounge Films

Rachelle Salnave is Bringing Diversity to the Big Screen

Rachelle Salnave, Haitian-American filmmaker, created Black Lounge Films. Her company showcases independent films that explore the Black experience. Screenings are held in Historic Overtown, Miami.

Most Inspirational Movie?

“I have always loved seeing Black images on the screen. Especially films that explore an authentic perspective keeping in mind the importance of details in exploring culture and heritage. I am a big fan of Spike Lee. Malcolm X is one of my all time favorite movie and book. The story of Malcolm X – who he was a man and all of his obstacles he endured make him the perfect character to explore… It’s a fascinating story about overcoming triumphs and the ability to change the trajectory of one’s life no matter your past.

Who are her on-screen heroes?

“Rosario Dawson is a wonderful role model. I respect and honor her tenacity to do good in the world and make this world a better place. It almost appears as acting is her side job but her activism takes front and center. She’s a fantastic role model.”

Salnave’s Red-Carpet Ready Tip?

“When your art comes from the heart and you do your due diligence, eventually things will pay off. For me, the ability to work on my own and be independent, gives me more creative control…Working for myself affords me the ability to see the world how I want to see it without the restrictions of any barriers or preconceived notions” “Being an filmmaker-entrepreneur is not easy, but success is relative. I define my success.”