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Spotlight On: Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina Bryan Shares 3 Keys to Success for Women in Film

Sabrina Bryan–Actress, Host, Producer, Dancer, Dance Instructor–gets candid with sheBOOM.

Who are her on-screen heroes?

“Reese Witherspoon has always been a huge role model to me. She was also young when she began in this industry and yes, she always has been able to maintain her own individual truth. In an industry where everyone is a critic, she appears to never let the press or social media take over her personal life or compromise her work. I love that Reese hand-picks projects that are positive and inspirational for young women.”

Bryan’s Keys to Success?

1. Perfecting your craft is the biggest key to success. The desire to keep learning and transforming is the beauty of ART. Always be ready to embrace new opportunities and challenges.

2. Learn from mistakes and setbacks. Let them fuel you towards your goals.

3. Keep positive people around you that will continue to push you and inspire you to dream bigger dreams.

“Build a thick skin, the entertainment industry is filled with the word NO. Try and not take things personally because your work is the creative expression of what’s in your heart. Stay positive, dedicated and keep pushing forward, live your dream.”