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Finding Your Balance and Embracing the Universe with Linda Lauren

Reaching mental peace, through metaphysical practices.

Linda Lauren, a 4th Generation Psychic Medium has been a professional psychic since consulting with law enforcement in a murder investigation dating back to 1978. She is most noted for her ability to tap into the energy of a person via Intuitive Zoning™, which is by the touch of a hand, a look into the eyes, or the sound of a voice.  Linda has been featured in Buzzfeed.com, CNN, ABC-TV Nightline, Fox and Friends, Vice.com, HuffPost Live, and many more major media!

What is Linda Lauren’s Embracing the Universe and what has been your biggest success to date?

Linda Lauren’s Embracing the Universe is a metaphysical practice that embodies all aspects of health and wellness. I assist my clients in tailoring the right approaches to their situation – whether it’s a temporary issue or a long-standing concern. I work collaboratively with my clients to help customize a routine or regimen that empowers them to find the right balance in their lives.

I have been in practice for some 50 years, and established my Metaphysical Center 20 years ago to afford my growing list of clients an opportunity to purchase additional products and services under one roof. That way I could guide them through classes in meditation, Reiki, the use of crystals and candles, jewelry-making as well as using different tools such as, The Vibe Spray™, my books, and other specialty classes. All of this is to help create positive awareness in my clients’ lives. I have a core team of six who support my online and ‘bricks and mortar’ work. My client base spans the globe and numbers in the thousands around all social media. My repeat client base numbers about 500.

My overall success comes from teaching, and I try to provide my clients with the right tools and approaches that allow them to better follow their intuition. I am very grateful to be able to help people discover their personal power. However, my biggest success has been the ability to bring more products, and their awareness, to more people. The Internet has allowed me to ‘reach and teach’ all over the world, and I am grateful to have been able to help so many. Side note: A client recently told me that when they come to see me, that I turn their frown into a smile through awareness of understanding through communication. That about says it all, with joy and happiness as the end-goal.”

What do you do to stay healthy?

“In order to keep myself grounded in body, mind and spirit, I do my best to incorporate the following into my life. For body, walking and yoga are favorites; for mind, there are books and games that I enjoy; and for spirit, there is nothing better than meditation to help me to respond to life rather than to react to it. For finances, I am always watching out for new ideas to enhance a product or to make life easier for people.”

Linda’s tips for aspiring female founders:

  1. Meditate daily for more patience and deeper insight.
  2. Keep a journal of your goals for a clearer understanding.
  3. Take a meditative walk for new ideas to surface.

Thank you for sharing, Linda!