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Fire a Client Today!

Of course, you know who that client is. (Hopefully, you don’t have too many!) It’s that customer who’s never satisfied with the service you provide…who shows up chronically late (or forgets to cancel an appointment) who is chattering on social media about bad experiences she has had…who drives everyone crazy. Yet, she keeps coming back for more.

We’re all trained to believe that the customer is always right. But sometimes the customer is not just wrong…she’s the wrong fit for your business and will drain your time, enthusiasm, profits, and reputation.

Like pulling off a bandage, once you’ve made the decision to let a client go (see below for how to make the decision), do it quickly and decisively. Of course, you should think about what you’re going to say first (see the links, below) and anticipate every possible outcome.

If he or she goes a little nuts and threatens to destroy your business reputation, just remain calm and focused. You might even have to deal with an aftermath of social media rants. But stay professional and remind yourself of all the wonderful and loyal customers you DO have.

You’ll be relieved when it all blows over!

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