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Founder Style: What are YOU Wearing? And is Ink OK These Days?

Our feet, faces, nails, sleeves, coifs (and even tats) are all part of our “personal brands.” 

This past spring I was interviewed for a Wall Street Journal article on my fashion preferences. It prompted me to think about how my style is so much different from my corporate times. Casual Friday has pretty much become Casual All Days. The athleisure trend is here to stay Forbes says it’s a $44 billion industry!

Psychologists say that clothing factors into first impressions.

But unless you’re working in a conservative space, “anything goes” seems to be today’s fashion mantra. And “Silicon Valley style”has changed how we all look at fashion. (Who ever thought that a grey tee shirt and a hoodie could be a “thing?”) Here’s a perspective from a woman in the tech space. And, if you’re wondering if piercings and tats are still taboo in the workplace, check out this article. Back in 2012, 40% of people ages 18 to 29 had a tat, which means that many of them are now decision-makers.

Keeping your wardrobe simple and consistent not only makes a brand statement, it saves you hours in year in packing and dressing for work. We’ll be covering more “fashion hacks” as the week goes on.

More time browsing your closet and putting on lipstick means more time innovating, scaling, and enjoying life, right!

What’s YOUR personal work style? How has it changed since you became an entrepreneur?