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Get a Little Bit Closer: 12 Essential Etiquette Tips for Communal Work Spaces

The office environment of today is rapidly changing.

It’s a much different world than that of your mothers. Now, while sometimes we can really loath changing with the times (R.I.P. side-high-pony — lost but never forgotten), other times we should be welcoming change with open arms. When it comes to the evolution of the work place, this is one of those times to put a smile on. Office spaces are evolving around us and for the better. Gone are the days of being locked away in a siloed, cave-like cubicle.

Instead, many founders and entrepreneurs are breaking down the cube walls and really starting to see the value in more communal work spaces. In fact, the benefits of communal work environments have been found to be quite remarkable on work productivity.

These spaces are not just for small companies though. Even big corporations are realizing the perks and entering into the work environment of the twenty-first century. That’s why it’s no surprise popular communal workspace providers such as WeWork and NextSpace have been witnessing such a surge in business.

I know what you’re probably thinking: how different really are these new communal work spaces?

Well, I’m one step ahead of you there. Overall, the rules of office etiquette haven’t changed too much, but there are definitely some things to keep in mind when considering taking the plunge into a more communal work environment. Check out these 12 Awesome Etiquette Tips for an Open Office Work Space compiled by Communicationdiva.com. You might just discover a more communal office life is the change you’ve been looking for in 2017!

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