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Getting to Work: Two Women Making the Most of the Moment

When the pandemic hit back in 2020, life changed for everyone—but especially for women. A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that more women lost their jobs than men, in part because women tended to work in the industries most affected by COVID-19. 

In addition, many women with children also dropped out of the workforce to takeover childcare for their families. With daycares and schools closed, working mothers were often the ones stepping in to fill the gap. 

With these challenges in mind, two former colleagues, Asya Geller and Talia Friedman launched WERKZY, an online platform that connects small businesses looking to fill their unique hiring gaps with professional talent. 

Geller and Friedman took an unconventional path to launch their business—from a decade of working together at Sotheby’s, to seeking to create their own opportunities to empower a better work/life balance. As mothers themselves, Geller and Friedman understand the challenges of balancing work, children, and a meaningful career and not having to constantly choose. 

Together, they’re setting out to empower small businesses, redefine what success looks like, create meaningful and impactful work, and thrive. Their hope is that WERKZY offers a vehicle to help women find their next flexible opportunity. 

To learn more about WERKZY, visit the website

Are you a female entrepreneur who started a business during the pandemic? We’d love to hear your story.