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Gifts: Celeste Bonin

Who I am:

Celeste Bonin, Founder of Celestial Bodiez.

My company:

Celestial Bodiez sells comfortable and flattering women’s fitness apparel AND the idea that you can feel confident, comfortable and…. (if necessary) be able to do a round house kick at the drop of a hat. We are athleisure. We love that word.


The best gift I received:

The best gift I ever received was being thrown into the fire during my divorce. Losing everything and being forced to survive and keep my company afloat. It forced me to grow up, put on some gangster rap and handle shit.

What I give to others:

I love sharing pivotal moments that have helped me grow and progress as a business owner and as a person. I share my struggles and triumphs on social media. You know… a busy business lady doing business things that also happens to be a real person struggling with normal everyday LIFE.