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Gimme Shelter: Where We Work & Live

Will the office as we know it simply vanish? Has it already transformed?

Virtual and global team members, co-working, working from home, and flexible schedules have all changed our office “style.” As female founders, we get to decide when we work (usually most of the time), where we work, and how we work. (See our weekend post about PJ style.)

As we transition from last week’s coverage of fashion and beauty entrepreneurs, we’re going to be talking about what’s trending in what used to be known as “shelter.” (By the way, this year’s official color was announced — it’s greenery — as in money and nature)

Technology now enables us to carry our offices around in our pockets and we can even get work done from 30,000 feet in the air.

If you actually go into a physical space, you’ll sometimes find that the “superdesk,” greenery (as in plants, not just the trending color) and pets are replacing big dark wood furniture and office square footage  based on company hierarchy. Read more here about workspace trends.

The definition of “home” is changing as well. Millennials’ taste in home decor skews toward natural, artsy, and app-driven. This week we’ll be profiling a female founder who “redecorated” her career path and hit the $1 million mark.

So, please visit our space (sheBOOM) often this week for more about office and home trends, how to manage your office space expenses, and the women who are designing the future of the shelter industry!