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Gratitude: Nancy Tran

Who I am:

Nancy Tran, the Creative Director and Founder of Nancy Tran Studio, a New York based fashion design company.

My company:

Nancy Tran Studio is a fashion house! We design beautiful garments.


What I’m grateful for:

I am grateful to have the opportunity to do what I am most passionate about every day. I have always loved fashion and the arts since I was a child, and to be able to finally make my dream a reality has been the most amazing part of my business. 

How gratitude helps my business:

I create a culture of gratitude in my company. I always say thank you with sincerity, give constructive criticism when needed to help my employees learn and improve, while simultaneously providing praise and recognition generously. I show trust and sincere gratitude. This culture of gratitude benefits employee morale, creates trust, improves workplace success, and helps create a stronger company that will grow faster.

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