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Gratitude: Nirupama Mallavarupu

Who I am:

Nirupama Mallavarupu, Co-Founder/CEO/CTO of MobileArq

My company:

MobileArq, a fundraising and communication platform for parent organizations and non-profits and app for parents that gives them their school at their fingertips.


What I’m grateful for:
Being able to help parent organizations to raise over $675,000 in fundraising money for their schools and help over tens of thousands of parents to get all of their school information at their fingertips. I’m also grateful for having grown as a person and founder, and for being able to spend quality time with my kids when I want to.

How gratitude helps my business:

– It helps me to appreciate what the opportunities that I have to grow and help others!
– It helps me to be enthusiastic and positive about what this business can do for parents and parent organizations.
–  When I am grateful for the feedback I receive, I am more open to implementing new ideas for my customers and improving my product(s).
– When I am grateful to customers, I am happy and helpful. The whole organization’s attitude is the same and helps my business to get recognized for the service we provide.


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