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Gratitude: Paola R Shah

Who I am:

Paola R Shah, founder and CEO of Tucketts.

My company:

Tucketts creates High Performance Toeless Grip Socks for barefoot activities like yoga, pilates, barre, and more. 


What I’m grateful for:

I am grateful for the learning process and all the challenges that help me grow and move forward. I am grateful to be surrounded by amazing women in my team, peers, vendors, and clients, and I am starting to realize how powerful we are together. I am also thankful that I have flexibility to spend quality time with my daughter and husband!

How gratitude helps my business:

Communicating appreciation for what others do for my business or myself helps to strengthen relationships with all the different players along the way. Gratitude increases positivity and helps us notice what has been achieved– not only related to sales, but also to community building and common goals. Gratitude is about letting go, building trust, and releasing the tight reins of managing everything.

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