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Gratitude in Bundles: Giving Thanks to a shePOWER Community

Enjoy these seasonal musings from Denise Halter, volunteer contributor to the sheBOOM team! “Meet” her here!


Since we launched sheBOOM, entrepreneurs and small business owners have reached out in overwhelming numbers to be part of our new community. I’ve typed the phrase “thank you” at least 500 times. Really good juju.

This Thanksgiving season, before hitting the road to reconnect with family and friends, I’d like to thank my professional connections for an incredible 2016 and share my three big networking takeaways as we look ahead to a successful 2017.

Make new connections…no matter how hard it may seem. 
I am an introvert.  If you’re similarly wired, you know that making new connections is not always easy or natural. It takes practice, a good elevator pitch and periodically teaming up with your extrovert buddies.  Hard work that ultimately pays off exponentially. I brush up with this Huff Post article every time I prep for a new networking forum.

Invest time nurturing old connections.
Amidst my lengthening list of business colleagues, I have a short list of Go-To guys and women. We call each other for candid feedback and advice, to vet ideas, you name it.  An invaluable resource. As with any successful relationship, it takes TLC.  No matter how packed our calendars, we reserve time for each other. Identify your Go-To connections and make face time a priority.

Hyper-stimulated?  Tune out!  As I was formulating my next career plan, I scheduled shut downs to focus and recharge. Periodically disconnecting from social media allowed me to focus on people, plans, tasks that needed my undivided attention.  So while you’re grooming your professional connections, don’t forget to completely unplug every once in awhile.

We at sheBOOM are grateful for our connections and that you’re plugged into our community. You energize us. We hope to continue being a fuel source for you….after the turkey high wears off!